The legend of the center of the world

Ludbreg, just few kilometeres from Trakošćan is center of the world


It dates back to the times of the Romans, who were at the site of today's Ludbreg, a small town in northwestern Croatia, noticing the good geographical location built Castrum Iovia which soon became a transportation and commercial center. Legend says that at this particular place were designed circuits of the earth, on which the world's great cities are located on opposite sides of the world but at the same distance from the point of measurement ... That is  confirmed by Dr. Erasmus Weddigen, art historian and restorer from Switzerland, and thanks to his work this became interested legend of this city. He is speaking of the origin of Ludbreg, described by the map circles and saw that really at this imaginary line are the big cities, in different parts of the world but at the same distance from Ludbreg eg. Paris and Athens, Vienna and Budapest, or closest to us and Varaždin, Koprivnica ... Dr. Weddigen is studying the longitude and latitude, on the opposite side of the globe found the antipode to Ludbreg is the small South Pacific small island Antipodes, near New Zealand ...

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