General Conditions

General conditions for ZagrebdayTrips excursions.

1. Subject Matter of the Contract
The organizer of your trip is Puh-tours doo which guarantees the implementation of the program as described in the published program. Content of arrangement organizer will realize fully as described above, except in the case of exceptional circumstances (war, strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, interventions of the authorities etc.).
2. Costs
Prices of arrangements are in HRK, and calculated according to the prices of services and the exchange rate at the current selling rate on the date of the arrangement. The organizer reserves the right to change the prices in case of changes in fuel prices by more than 5% as the price of tickets for the facilities to be visited.
3. The applications and payments
a) while confirming the customer pays 100% of the arrangement price
b) for bookings on request must be paid a deposit of 50% of the price per person. The organizer will not accept the reservation application on request without advance payment.
4. Changes in program
The organizer has the right to change the published program if circumstances occur that can not be predicted, removed or avoided.
5. Organizer's right to cancellation
The organizer can cancel the arrangement completely or partially if, before or during the execution of the arrangement the event of external uncommon and unpredictable circumstances that could not have been prevented, avoided or eliminated and if they were to exist at the time of concluding the contract for organizing the voyage, would have been a justified reason for organizer to not conclude the contract. The organizer is obliged to inform all customers about the cancellation at least 1 hour before the execution of the arrangement, and they return all paid amount.
6. Termination of voyage by the traveler
If a customer wants to cancel the trip it needs to be done in writing, and in emergency situations and by a telephone. Date and time of cancellation is used to calculate cancellation costs as follows:
- For cancellation up to 24 hours before departure, the organizer will charge 100% of the price
- For cancellation up to 48 hours before departure, the organizer will charge 50% of the price
- For cancellation up to 72 hours before departure, the organizer will charge 20% of the price
- For cancellations over this period, the organizer will not charge the cancellation costs
7. Commitments of the organizer
The organizer is obliged to take care of service and selection of employees care services of good organizer, and take care of the rights and interests in accordance with the Law on Travel Agencies. Organizer is obliged to provide all these services for individual arrangements in the program and is responsible to the passenger for any failure to perform services or part of the service. The organizer takes no financial responsibility in rehabilitation consequences of the circumstances referred to in item 1 (war, riots, strikes ....)
8. Insurance in the event of payment incapability or bankruptcy of the travel organizer
The organizer has concluded insurance bail by Allianz Insurance Inc. from Zagreb. In the case of organizer's payment incapacitated or bankruptcy, the buyer is immediately entitled to compensation for unrealized arrangements and reimbursement of expenses to return to place of residence. Buyer shall in such case contact Allianz insurance from Zagreb the fastest way and be sure to attach proof of payment arrangements.
9. The passenger’s obligations
The passenger is obliged to him personally, his documents and belongings fulfill the conditions of border, customs, health and other regulations of the country and the destination country, to obey house rules in accommodation and catering facilities, as well as to cooperate with the organizers and executors in good faith. The passenger fits the organizer for the damage caused by failure to comply with these obligations.
10. Travel insurance
Price does not include travel insurance. When booking arrangements on the authorized point of sale, the traveler will be offered travel insurance under the Law of business travel agencies. We recommend travel insurance package at Allianz Insurance Inc. - health insurance, baggage insurance, insurance against accidents, cancellation insurance.
11. Resolution of complaints
If the services of the program is incomplete or unsatisfactory, the customer may request an appropriate compensation by filing a written complaint. Every traveler, holder of the contract carrier, has the right to object on the grounds of non-contracted services according to an established appeal based upon. Immediately on site, traveler reclaims the improper service to the representative of the agency, and if this does not, at the executor of services. The traveler is obliged to cooperate with the representative of the agency, or executors in good faith to rectify the problem. If the traveler does not accept the site offered solution, which corresponds with the real value of the service, the organizer will not accept subsequent complaint or to respond to it. If the cause of the complaint is not rectified on site, the customer shall make an a written confirmation with the representative or executor of services. Within 8 days after his return, the traveler submitted a written complaint to the point of sale payment arrangements, and enclose a written confirmation from the representatives and accounts for possible additional charges. The organizer will take into consideration only properly filed complaints received within this period of 8 days. The organizer is required to provide a written decision to the received complaint within 14 days after delivery at the point of sale. The organizer may postpone the deadline for issuing the decision on the complaint to collect information and verify the appeal to the service provider. Organizer will solve only those complaints which could not be solved on the spot. While organizers do not send the decision to the complaint, the traveler shall abandon mediation of any other person, court establishments or providing information to the media. The traveler has the right to compensation to the height of the real value of the unused service and this cannot include already used services as well as the entire amount of the arrangement. This excludes the  customer’s right of the ideal damage.
12. Jurisdiction
In terms of item 12 of these conditions, the customer service of a particular program befits rights to complaine with the organizers of the program. If not satisfied with the organizers, befits his right to a judicial process. In such a case, the jurisdiction of the court is in the place of business responsible organizer.
The company Puh Tours Ltd. Is registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb. MBS 080083821. Share capital in the amount of 20,000.00HRK  paid in full. Founder of the company: Davor Puh. Account number: HR 19 2484008 11 02 44 1673 (Raiffeisen Bank Austria d.d.) and HR 63 2360000 11 01 74 6673 (Zagrebačka banka). According to the Law on Tourism with the Insurance company Allianz Zagreb d.d. concluded the insurance contract liability of the organizers of package tours and insurance bail for package tours (policy number 1500-172412829)