Reservations & Payment Methods

Reservations & Payment Methods

You can make a trip reservation by choosing, using menu or filling electronic form. Buyer can make a reservation and buy some trip as registered or unregistered costumer.

Zagreb Day Trips accepts the following credit cards online:

  • American
  • Visa
  • Master
  • Maestro
  • Diners
  • cash/credit cards on point of sale
  • cash/credit cards (Master, Maestro, Visa) on place of departure

american express mastercard diners visavisa

Reservation is considered final when:

  • In the case of credit card payments - at a time when Zagreb Day Trips provide proof to pre-authorize credit cards Customer the amount of the order.
  • At a time when the booking is received, Zagreb Day Trips will electronically in the form of an e-mail inform you of the fact that the reservation is final.