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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia since 16th century. Today it is a real center of industry, education, economy and cultural life in country. Today the population of Zagreb is approx. 1 million, and the city area is on 641 km2 (247 sq mi). So Zagreb is not only the old center of the city, there is so much more to see...

The first recorded appearance of the name Zagreb is dated to 1094, at which time the city existed as two different city centers: the smaller, eastern Kaptol, inhabited mainly by clergy, and the larger, western Gradec, inhabited mainly by farmers and merchants. The most important historical events were happening on those two hills, and with years they connected into one city. During the 20th century Zagreb spread across the river Sava, the area which we even today call „New Zagreb“. More and more people are moving from the center of the city to suburbe areas.  If you really want to know the city, you need to learn how city was growing, why people even moved here in the ancient history, which battles it's inhabitants have led, and then it's easier to get to know the present time of the city and it's appearance...
Join us and you'll get the chance to explore past and present life of Zagreb, all in one tour.

Price: 875kn (116 EUR) for group from 1-5 persons

Price includes: tour with a local guide, panoramic tour (mini van)

Morning tour: 9:00am - 01:00pm (in front of your hotel/hostel)

Afternoon tour: 04:00pm - 8:00pm (in front of your hotel/hostel)

Booking: contact us - or +38513877294

All tours can be organized in different hours, on request.


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